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attractive-elderly-woman-with-questionWhat if I don’t like who I get?
Not a problem. We will replace them until you are satisfied.

Will they do my housework?
General hoovering, cleaning, laundering and tidying up behind themselves is part of the service.

What about the shopping?
If you have not already got shopping arrangements in place, the carer’s will do this for you.

Will they be with me all day, every day?
After your needs are taken care of you will be given as much time, and space to yourself as you require.

What help can I expect?
Your carer will provide support according to your assessment; they will be qualified to meet these needs.

What about meals?
Unless you have another system in place the carer allocated should be able to provide you with the Basic English meals.

What about the carer’s food?
If the carer is on a special diet then they have to buy her own food, (e.g. soya milk) unless of course you don’t have any objection.

What if I want to keep the same carer throughout?
It is possible to do this, if both parties are in agreement. Sometimes the same carers will return on a regular basis, giving themselves a break in between.